Thursday, September 27, 2012

Duck Lips


I'm about to share some valuable information with you. It's the kind of thing you should share with your friends because they could benefit from it as well.

Duck lips. Not the actual bill(beak) of a duck but the face that everybody loves to hate. For the few of you that have been living under a rock (errr bolder - even the rock people would have to know about this) duck lips are created by making your mouth look like it's doing a sort of pout/kiss face. Typically it is used while snapping photos of oneself or in a group photo with friends but a few women seem to have master the art of 24/7 duck lips (or maybe that's just what implants look like??) Either way the face that everybody loves to hate has become a photo standard for facebook/twitter/dating website profile pictures everywhere. And it's time to find out why.

I'm not sure who was the mastermind behind the lips but they did not do anyone a favor in creating the look. I'm told that forcing your lips into this unnatural position makes it seem like you have sexy, big pouty lips. But let's be real here for just a minute. There is nothing sexy about attempting to imitate a duck. In the end it just looks awkward/uncomfortable and well, ridiculous.

If sexy/big pouty lips are what you're going for buy yourself a lip plumping gloss. Or learn how to apply lipstick/stain/gloss in a way that accentuates your lips. Just avoid the duck lips and people everywhere will thank you.


Nene G said...

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rroot10 said...

great blog, fun to read

Naum Franpos said...

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Volle Maan said...

True. Duck lips should be banned! :)

anita sohoni said...

True that! :) sarcasticsimplicity ;)

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